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Don’t Count on it!

There are some things you can expect when you make the decision to become a live-in caregiver – or as I call myself – a Housekeeper, Activities Director, Nutritionist and Companion (HANC) for your aging or seriously ill loved one.


Count on an increased stress-level.
Count on sore, aching muscles from unexpected chores.

receipts paper and staple

Count on additional paperwork, schedules and medical-related trips.

Count on resistance.

Count on television programs that require little interaction or attention span.

Count on some sleepless nights as you will be the only one holding sickbed vigil.

rural mail

Count on euphoria when you receive mail or a call from a friend.

One reason people choose to become HANCs is because it is ultimately easier than managing two households, especially when one is hundreds of miles and several states away.

gourmet brownies

Don’t count on it, but if your rising planet aligns with the sun, the moon and 27 un-named stars; your karma is high; and you have enough universal brownie points, you won’t have to relocate out of your current zip code. If you do have to relocate and you’re one lucky so-and-so, you’ll move to a similar demographic, but don’t count on that, either.

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